Upgrading geonetwork

those are generally the steps to check/remember to do when upgrading geonetwork, be it for a major or a minor version, eg more or less applies for 3.8->4.0, 4.0->4.2, or 4.2.2->4.2.4.

in the geonetwork data directory

  • several files should be updated with the ones from the webapp:
  • the configuration of the elasticsearch index
  • the schemas
  • the formatters used by the complete view
/srv/data/geonetwork# rm -Rf config/schema_plugins data/formatter
/srv/data/geonetwork# cp -r /srv/tomcat/georchestra/webapps/geonetwork/WEB-INF/data/config/schema_plugins config/
/srv/data/geonetwork# cp -r /srv/tomcat/georchestra/webapps/geonetwork/WEB-INF/data/config/index config/
/srv/data/geonetwork# cp -r /srv/tomcat/georchestra/webapps/geonetwork/WEB-INF/data/data/formatter data/
  • make sure those files can be overwritten by the user running tomcat/the webapp
/srv/data/geonetwork# chown -R tomcat:tomcat data/formatter config/schema_plugins
  • if you use the https://github.com/georchestra/geonetwork_minimal_datadir repository, generally those changes are already available in the latest branch of the repository
  • drop the wro4j-cache.mv.db file (that's equivalent to the 'clear js & css cache' button in the tools pane of the admin ui, but sometimes this page might not be accessible when upgrading from a previous version)
  • restart/reload the webapp
  • check the logs, because if there are database schema changes to apply, those should be done at the first start of the new version of the webapp

in the geonetwork admin UI

  • connected as admin, go to the Tools page in the Admin console menu
  • hit delete index and reindex button. This will reset the elasticsearch index, update its configuration (the records.json file in the config/index/ subdirectory of the geonetwork data directory) and rebuild the index
  • go in the user interface pane of the Settings page in the Admin console menu
  • hit the Json form button and Current configuration. This will show you what differs from the default configuration provided by the project.
  • make a note of all those changes that were done previously, hit the 'Reset configuration' button. This will make sure the UI configuration uses the default provided by the georchestra project for its geonetwork fork.
  • then, via the Configuration form tab, you can report the modifications you previously did in the UI config to your own taste.
  • make sure that facets in search results do still work, and that you still have all your metadata :)