GeoNetwork in version 4 does not manage the metadata indexes internally anymore. Since the index management has been externalized to an Elasticsearch server, it is necessary to set it up.


The first thing GeoNetwork4 will require is an Elasticsearch server to store the metadata index.

The advised version to use is the 7.14.0 one, you can refer to the official documentation to set ip up.


As not mandatory per se, Kibana can also be set up, in order to provide a dashboard accessible directly from the GeoNetwork admin user interface.

You can follow the previous documentation from Elastic to install kibana.

geOrchestra Datadir

Compared to the former version, the geOrchestra datadir in regards to GeoNetwork also faced some modifications:

  • It is not possible anymore to load spring beans from the datadir, as a result the XMLs files from the config subdirectory have been removed
  • only the and the log4j configuration remain

you can find the advised configuration from the geOrchestra datadir here.