Synchronization between GeoNetwork and the LDAP

GeoNetwork requires to create some objects in its database to function correctly, this mainly to ensure referential integrity. As a result, a process is configured to run at a regular pace, which ensures groups are created from some LDAP objects.

By default, this process is configured to create groups from the organizations registered in the LDAP tree (the ou=orgs branch).

Historically though, geOrchestra only had a ou=groups branch, and to distinguish between roles and groups, a prefix was used (SV_ for roles, EL_ for groups). Some organizations still want to stick with the previous synchronization behaviour.

One reason to rollback to the previous behaviour is that one geOrchestra user belongs to one and only one organization. Keeping the EL_* role logic allows a user to be a member of several groups in GeoNetwork.

Using the former EL_* roles as GeoNetwork groups is still possible by modifying the datadir consequently, see below:

First, we need to edit the to tell the synchronization process to use the ou=roles branch of the LDAP:

In the config-security-georchestra.xml file, one have to change the filter to get the groups prefixed by EL_:

-    <entry key="ldapGroupSearchFilter" value="(objectClass=groupOfMembers)"/>
+    <entry key="ldapGroupSearchFilter" value="(&amp;(objectClass=groupOfMembers)(cn=EL_*))"/>

Also, to remove the EL_ prefix, one have to adapt the default pattern, and map the label of the group onto the description attribute from the ldap:

-      <entry key="ldapGroupSearchPattern" value="(.*)"/>
-      <entry key="ldapGroupLabelAttribute" value="o"/>
+     <entry key="ldapGroupSearchPattern" value="EL_(.*)"/>
+     <entry key="ldapGroupLabelAttribute" value="description"/>