geOrchestra is a complete Spatial Data Infrastructure solution.

It features a metadata catalog (GeoNetwork 3.8), an OGC server (GeoServer 2.16) with fine-grained access control (based on GeoFence), an advanced viewer and editor, an extractor and many more (security and auth system based on proxy/CAS/LDAP, analytics, admin UIs, ...)


There are major and patch releases: * Major releases are supported during 12 months. * Migrating from one patch release to another does not require any configuration change. It is highly recommended.

Have a look at the version numbering scheme and the release notes for more information.


Depending on your goals and skills, there are several ways to install geOrchestra:

If you opt for the middleware setup by yourself, there are several optimizations, good practices and tutorials that are worth reading. Note that the minimum system requirement is 2 cores and 8Gb RAM, but we recommend at least 4 cores and 16 Gb RAM for a production instance. More RAM is of course better !


If you need more information, please ask on the geOrchestra mailing list.

For help setting up your instance, or for dev-related questions, use the #georchestra IRC channel or the dev/tech list.

If you found a bug or want to propose improvements and new features, please fill a new issue in the GitHub tracker.

If you want to report a security issue, please don't fill an issue. Instead, send a mail to, you will be later contacted for more details.


Additional information can be found in the website and in the following links: * catalog: standard GeoNetwork with a light customization, * viewer (aka mapfishapp): a robust, OGC-compliant webgis with editing capabilities, * extractor (aka extractorapp): able to create zips from data served through OGC web services and send an email when your extraction is done, * geoserver: the reference implementation for many OGC web services, * geowebcache: a fast and easy to use tile cache, * geofence: optional, advanced OGC web services security, * analytics: admin-oriented module, a front-end to the ogc-server-statistics module, * console: also an admin-oriented module, to manage users and groups, * header: the common header which is used by all modules, * atlas: a server-side component to print multi-page PDF with one geographic feature per page.